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asian_religions's Journal

Asian Religions and Philosophy
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This community is for the discussion of world religions and philosophies, in particular those originating or existing in Asia, but other areas are welcome.

The purpose of this community is to facilitate respectful interaction and discussion. This is an environment for a "meeting of minds." Consider it a classroom and behave accordingly.

Keep in mind that the people you are talking with may very well have different backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs than you do and that those backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs are as valid as yours are. Treat others as well or better than you wish to be treated.

This people in this community hold a variety of opinions and beliefs. The goal is to discuss and share knowledge in an open and cooperative manner. Many people come from the background of the cultures and religions we are discussing, many people come from an academic background, many from both or neither. Everyone is welcome provided you abide by the spirit of respect. Those who do not will be banned.

If you are seeking assistance with a crisis of faith, you should consult a priest, rabbi, minister, monk, pundit, etc. instead.

Please take a moment to tell us a little bit about yourself when you join, if you don't mind.